How service work?

In this section you can find step-by-step instructions for each type of users, as well as get answers to frequently asked questions and learn how to take advantage of the use of this resource.

1. How to use the site as a buyer?

    How to create and post your free tender ad to patcipiate in?

  • Register on the website - after receiving a notification of the successful completion of registration, you can start placing applications.
  • Open your account (located in the upper right corner of the site) and select the category "My purchases"
  • In the window that opens, select "Create new purchase request"
  • Next, fill in the required fields: "Enter the name of the tender, select its category and subcategory from the drop-down list; enter the description of the product (s) you want to receive price offers from the sellers; if you want to add a link from the YouTube channel where you can on the video see the product you want; add from 1 to 8 photos of this product; indicate the deadline for completion of which you will be ready to consider all proposals received (deadline for completion of the tender); select the contact person of the one who will be listed in your ad (this can be you or one of your colleagues and employees - in that case the employe/colleague will be notified by e-mail that he is appointed responsible for this purchase), click on the "Continue" button and make a preliminary inspection of the ready the placement of the ad, at this stage you can "Edit", "Publish your purchase" or, if necessary, completely "Delete" (Warning! all deleted ads can not be recovered either from yours or from the site administrator side)
  • You can also postpone placement of the ad for a later, or have awaiting administrator approve for any other tenders, so reminder of the number ready-to-be-placed tenders will be seen on the icon of your personal cabinet to notice you (in the color of red numbers)
  • After you have made your decision and clicked on the "Publish your purchase" button, you will receive an email notifying you that the site administrator is considering your ad for compliance with all of the site conditions (see the "Terms of Use" section), this process can take from 1 up to 24 hours (Attention, after each editing of your ad - it will be considered by adminisrator for compliance with the terms of the site)
  • Once you receive a notification to your email address that site administrator posted your ad, you can see your tender in the general list and then it is considered to be declared and is public available!

      How can we make our purchse requests more visible to sellers?

  • If you want to make your ad more visible to sellers - you can highlight it with a different color in the list of all tenders - go to your personal cabinet, select "Edit" (pencil icon or blue button) - in this menu you need to select the function placed at the very end of the application "↑ Make tender a premium" - the price of this service is 5 AZN, while your tender will be premium until the end of the term specified by you when it is placed.

2. How to use the site as a seller?

      How can I receive and participate in procurement notices?

  • First and foremost, as buyers - sellers are required to register on the site, it is necessary for the full operation of all the capabilities of the system.
  • After you enter your personal cabinet, you will have the opportunity to follow up on new tenders by getting e-mail notifications; for this you need to go to the "Notifications" page (from your personal cabinet) and choose the categories of tenders in which you could be a potential participant as a seller (ie you will be able to provide a price offer, as well as you or your company have a certain type goods, as well as the official right to distribute them in the territory of this region, you are the owner or representative of the trademark)

Example: You are a distributor of office supplies - in order to constantly receive notice of tenders in this field, you must subscribe to the category "Education and office supplies" which includes all products for the office, schools, higher education institutions. When new purchase requisitions appear in this category, the system itself will notify you by e-mail

  • Being on the page of tenders or receiving a notification to the post and following the link, the seller can get instant access to the contacts of the buyer who has announced the tender
  • In this case, the seller has the opportunity to choose, you can use a one-time opening  buyer's contacts (the cost of this option is 10 AZN) or purchase a permanent subscription (see the page "Subscriptions and pricing") and be able to constantly see the contact information of potential buyers.

3. Can I be in a role of seller as well as buyer at the same time?

  • Yes, every user of the site, the seller or the buyer has equal opportunities and functionality of the personal cabinet, which allows to use the rights to place an order for purchase (see the instructions for placing bids in point #1) or the rights to purchase a subscription to obtain buyers' contacts (see point #2)