Credo and Mission

Our Credo

Every day be a benefit for the community and our users.
Promote the development of transparent business and fair trading conditions.
Contribute and progress of the competitive environment and economy of a country.


Inspired by the idea of creating a useful tool that will help simplify and save users time, reduce costs from the long search for suppliers and buyers to find the required products and services - led us to create a resource that we called WeTrade

Project Misson 

The goal and purpose of this resource is to create an open, transparent trading space for small, medium and large business owners who are interested in ensuring that every tender conducted by the company for the purchase of that other product (or services) is carried out with maximum efficiency. It is also important to obtain the best market price, to choose the best supplier that will meet all local legislative requirements and can provide your buyer with a quality product with an appropriate guarantee for it. And, of course, provide a huge opportunity and access for sellers to track the customer base of potential buyers daily for their goods or services

Advantages for the buyer

  • To notify a much more number of sellers about the beginning of the tender purchase of the company (which means getting more competitive offers from sellers);
  • Have a transparent tool for reporting on the work done to management, who can also follow the announced tender process and be aware of all received offers from sellers;
  • Saves time on searches, ineffective phone calls, long correspondence, etc.

What is required for this:

- Register and place your request for the purchase of a specific product or service.

Advantages for sellers

At our platform, any seller has a chance to sign a profitable supply contract, offering the best price, terms and guarantee for a particular product to its potential buyer.

For this they have:

  • Track new announcements about placing the next request on the site, by subscribing to email notifications;
  • Ones having seen the announcement for the required goods - enter this ad read the terms of the purchase.

What is required for this:

- Purchase a subscription plan, access to contact information of buyer, and make your resonable price quatation.