Terms of use

Please read carefully the rules of using the website WeTrade (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules") or applications, or other products and services of Evelit LLC

1. Prohibited content when placing ads for purchase

  • Placement of applications for the purchase of counterfeit goods (specifying patented trademarks of manufacturers)
  • It is forbidden to place applications for the purpose of displaying advertisements of goods or websites containing shocking content, hate propaganda, intolerance, discrimination and violence, or other calls for unauthorized activities
  • It is prohibited to place applications with links to gambling, casinos and others, which carry potential financial risks that users may face.
  • It is forbidden to place applications containing erotic or any other content "for adults"
    Examples: magazines for adults; dating sites, etc.
  • It is not allowed to place applications for the purchase of goods and services that can cause harm to health and cause material or other damage and are also prohibited for use in your region
    Examples: drugs of chemical or vegetable origin, psychotropic substances, devices for the use of drugs, weapons and ammunition, explosives and pyrotechnics, other dangerous devices and materials, tobacco products and alcohol.

2. Distortion of facts

  • Data entered by users should not contain inaccurate or incomplete information required during registration at www.wetrade.az
  • Applications placed must fully comply with the requirements of the buyer and do not carry false information for sellers

Examples: hiding personal data, placing inaccurate information about the company in order to obtain personal or commercial data of users; posting information about offers that are actually unavailable, false or misleading sellers of purchase requisitions;

3. Copyright

  • We comply with the requirements of local copyright laws and take care of the interests of the right holders. Please do not use photos and video materials if you have no reason to use this content when placing an application. If this type of violation is detected by users, we are ready to consider the complaints of authors or copyright holders sent to us by e-mail copyrights@wetrade.az with the uniq number of the announcement

4. Medicines and medical products

  • Ads for the purchase of medicines and medical products are allowed only on the condition that the ads and landing pages comply with all applicable laws and industry standards. Some content types in this category are not allowed in full range. Read the legal norms of the regions where you are going to conduct the purchases.

5. Political materials

  • Ads that carry political content are prohibited for posting and will be rejected by the administrator of the site of www.wetrade.az

Examples: promotion of political parties or candidates; propaganda of political views, appeals for rallies, etc.

6. Trademarks

  • To determine whether a trademark can be used in a purchase advertisement, it is necessary to consider whether its misuse is being applied.

7. Legal requirements

  • Buyers are responsible for compliance with both the Evelit LLC rules for placed purchase orders and the applicable laws of all countries where the ads are displayed.

8. Editorial Requirements

  • The resource takes care of the convenience of users and ensures that all ads comply with our standards and editorial requirements. Ads must be understandable and professionally designed, and also fully comply and be relevant to their content.

Examples of ads that do not meet editorial and professional requirements:

too general or vague ad text, for example "Maybe or most likely we will buy"; undefined goal of the ad

catchy combinations of words, letters, numbers, punctuation or symbols, for example "FREE", "f-r-e-e", etc. - use is forbidden. Spelling and grammatical errors should not take place in ads

9. Requirements for ad formats

  • For a comprehensive perception of the content of the buyer's ads by all sellers, each announcement of the tender should be as informative as possible.

Examples of requirements: limit the number of characters in the title or text of the ad; limit the size of the image or file used, the duration of the video on the YouTube channel (do not include links from the video for more than 3-5 minutes);

10. About our rules

  • Our users are obliged to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as the above rules www.wetrade.az Invalid content can be blocked. In the case of repeated or serious violations, we will prohibit this buyer from placing their ads on the site