Subscriptions and pricing

Payment types we accept

  • Credit or Debit cards

    Credit or Debit cards

    You will be redirected to the payment gateway of LLC MilliKart to enter your card details. You have 10 minutes for payment, so it's better to prepare a card in advance. Connection with the payment gateway and transfer of information is carried out in protected mode https. In most cases, you will be redirected to the site of the bank that issued your card to confirm payment using 3D secure

  • Using payment terminals eManat

    Using payment terminals eManat

    Payments can be made in most banks, hotels, retail outlets, supermarkets and other places.

    To receive / renew your subscription, or to receive one-time contact information of a tender, as well as receive premium status for your ad: for this go to eManat cash payment terminal, select [Chain of stores and E-commerce] then find "Wetrade" window in the list of services, then enter the your Payment Code received in advance on the wetrade website and apply your payment.

  • Bank transfer

    Bank transfer

    You can contact us at e-mail: and request data you need to sign a cooperation agreement with us. After signing the contract, you will be able to conduct all payments using bank transfers, and obtain the documents required by local law from our company. After receipt of your payment to the account of Evelit LLC (the owner of the wetrade site) our administrators will give you access to the categories and terms indicated in the agreement.